International Collaborative Projects for Christian Schools

An online course for high quality methodological training combined with biblical integration using Project Based Learning.collaborate

Program Description 

ACSI member schools can now develop and offer international collaborative projects for their students with the following goals: 

  • Providing International collaboration opportunities at teacher and student levels 
  • Helping teachers develop meaningful biblical integration in their school subjects to facilitate character and spiritual formation of their students 
  • Learning how to design  and implement effective projects for Project Based Learning 
  • Developing your students' 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication) 


There are three ways to participate in our International Collaborative Projects program: 

  1. Join our International Collaborative Projects e-learning course.  This four-week course will introduce you to the important aspects of project based learning with strong biblical integration, and provide you with the opportunity to develop a project in partnership with another course participant that you can then implement with your students. This option would suit teachers who have limited experience with project based learning and do not currently have a partner school or a particular project in mind.  
  2. If your school already has a partnership with another school, join our International Collaborative Projects e-learning course with a teacher (or teachers) from that school.  During the course you will work with your partner/s to develop a project which you can then implement with your students. 


What is a collaborative project? 

Collaborative Project Based Learning is a method of learning which empowers students to initiate the research, plan, coordinate, and produce a solution to a real-world problem while meeting the curricular goals of your subject area. It also enables project teams to collaborate between subject areas, schools and geographic boundaries for greater project diversity and learning potential. 

There are many types of projects which fit this model and we have provided some examples for those who register. If you are unfamiliar with Project Based Learning, this is a perfect place to learn!  ACSI takes Project Based Learning ideas further to incorporate clear biblical integration and meaningful collaboration between students in various schools and countries.  

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Project Grouping >>  Project Development >> Project Implementation
begins Sept. 10 begins Oct. 1 your choice


We provide an introduction and project grouping stage 3 weeks prior to the course. Once you decide on a project and/or a project partner, you may enter the project development stage. The project implementation is open to your preferences and school requirements, but we ask that you provide an assessment to us after the completion of the project.